Original Songs

I've released several solo albums of original material since 1999. Below, find my three most recent albums, which are a good representation of my songwriting and production aesthetic.


Terrible Freedom (2017)

Existential examinations of consciousness and the absurdity of modern life, with sonic nods to new wave and 80's radio.

Available on vinyl.


Born Hungry (2018)

Recorded in complete single takes without punches or edits.


Fruitless Research (2016)

Bombastically driven by gritty synthesizers and drums. Produced by Yuuki Matthews of The Shins.

Available on vinyl.


Invincible Light (2019)

Featuring Yuuki Matthews and Aaron Sterling.


Songs of Pain and Leisure (2011)

Minimalist classic rock meets smart indie pop.

Available on vinyl.

Earlier Solo Recordings

Other Songwriting Contributions